Before the disaster: Toilet paper

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textile - tapestry in linen

h: 120 w: 120 d: 1 (cms).

With this tapestry I wanted to discuss and think about what we take for granted today and what, in the near future, can become a difficult-to-reach luxury about the world that we feel it collapses today. For example, if there was an environmental disaster or if right-wing extremists took power and I had to flee and had to leave everything behind me. I made a list of things that I forgive today and that I hardly notice: dishbrushes, orange juice, toilet paper, a good bra, tea, toothbrushes, chocolate… The list is certainly completely wrong for what I will be missing may not be things without my family, my friends and my workmates. It is as if disasters can never hit us, but instead other people and communities in other places in the world. I finish the tapestry and a few months later we suffer from corona everything becomes totally different.


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