A Series Of Bad Jokes (Joke 1)

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Fixed Charcoal on paper with stretcher

h: 200 w: 135 d: 5 (cms).

Joke 1 - The pet speaks !

A collection of dogs gather, two adults and one pup. Forgetting their pack, they articulate themselves through the nuclear family unit that domesticated them. Cast charcoal paws frantically draw self portraits while quiet rubber tongues erase them. Wooden armatures, that signal dog bodies, are highjacked and repurposed as drawing machines. Traces of Crufts apparatus, playground equipment and bones fight for attention as the drawings go through a violent additive and reductive process.

Joke 2 - Big Bone.

My current work thinks through normativity and traditional family values through the figure of the pet. In the past, my work has expanded the borders of the pet subject position to include children finding similarities to the dog such as awards, training, treats and trauma. Rooted in classical disciplines of sculpture, drawing and printmaking my work situates itself in the familiar while reaching towards the bizarre. Drawings generate new sculptural ideas with entropic momentum.

Joke 3 - Blue plus yellow equals green ?

(Not for sale as I need it for an upcoming exhibtion but if someone is really intersted and can wait we can chat.)

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