Revelation of the Mole

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Hand cut paper collage

h: 72 w: 47 d: 1 (cms).

The artwork brings into focus the voiceless in our society - the overlooked, insignificant or small. The collage is based on an apocalyptic nightmare the artist had as a child, wherein she was trapped inside the body of a mole, burrowing endlessly under a lifeless hill while the world was ending.

In 'Revelation of the Mole', a lonely tree with a skull on its base stands on a high hill. The symbolism, Golgatha-like, suggests that the choices and actions of man have banished all life and hope. The inversion of the natural perspective in the artwork, where sky and earth have switched places, questions constructed hierarchy and our worldview.

On the upper part of the work, framed against a black square, the lone mole rises triumphant. Small yet independent, it defies and conquers death, banishing despair.

'Revelation of the Mole' consists of over 160 hand cut pieces. No digital tools, copy machines or printers have been used in the process.

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