Tidal Pool

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h: 52 w: 42 (cms).

The beach, rock pools and sea water are all elements within ‘Tidal Pool’. There is an intriguing, ever shifting, transitory, nature to the coastal landscape. The painting aims to deal with this change and movement through a sense of pooling and running water over the beach surface. Light and reflections intensifies the colour on rock surfaces, lichens and underwater vegetation.    



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Sea, Beach

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Collage Paper, Acrylic Pain.

h: 60 w: 89 d: 4 (cms).

Collaged paper edges form the structure of this painting. The edges create points where the paint runs and pools as water might fall over rocks and move over the beach surface. The paint also veils and washes over drawn marks below the surface, again a metaphor for water running over rocks and pebbles. An organic irregular outside shape is created through the torn collaged paper; this heightens movement and continuity, giving a sense of how the water could break away from the edges.    


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