Lainch (A Heavy Sea)

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Oil on board

h: 15 w: 30 d: 5 (cms).

I am from Cromarty, on the East Coast of the Scottish Highlands. The title for this painting comes from the now extinct Cromarty Fisherfolk Dialect. I am extremley interested in local culture and its relationship with the sea and land, which is some what peetring out. Through painting, I am curious to find out what these old cultures and stories, which are often rooted in the living world, can offer in order to try and help to proctect it. Often venturing West, I painted this painted from memory and experience, of a boat ride from Ullapool to Stornoway. In correlation with the 'Black Isle',  I was thinking about these dark rock shapes, born from the sea. Habitable for whom? 


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Bothy Socks

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Oil on canvas

h: 30 w: 20 d: 3 (cms).

A still life of the socks that are packed into my rucksack and worn beside buring stoves. 


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